07029 Construction Documents

Commerce Centre of Wyoming in Rock Springs Wyoming

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Permit Drawings – 02/09/2009


07029 Specifications_Arch.pdf
07029 Specifications_Mech.pdf


00 G1.01 Cover
01 SP1.01 Site plan
02 SP1.02 Site Details
03 CD1.01 Code Plan
04 CD1.02 Code Plan
05 CD1.03 Code Plan
06 A1.01 Floor Plan Bldg A
07 A1.02 Floor Plan Bldg A
08 A1.03 Floor Plan Bldg B
09 A1.04 Floor Plan Bldg C
10 A1.05 Floor Plan Bldg D

11 A1.06 Floor Plan Bldg D
12 A1.07 Floor Plan Bldg E
13 A1.08 Roof Plan Bldg A
14 A1.09 Roof Plan Bldg A
15 A1.10 Roof Plan Bldg B
16 A1.11 Roof Plan Bldg C
17 A1.12 Roof Plan Bldg D
18 A1.13 Roof Plan Bldg D
19 A1.14 Roof Plan Bldg E
20 A2.01 Exterior Elevations Bldg A
21 A2.02 Exterior Elevations Bldg A
22 A2.03 Exterior Elevations Bldg A
23 A2.04 Exterior Elevations Bldg B
24 A2.05 Exterior Elevations Bldg C
25 A2.06 Exterior Elevations Bldg D
26 A2.07 Exterior Elevations Bldg D
27 A2.08 Exterior Elevations Bldg E
28 A3.01 Building Sections
29 A4.01 Wall Sections
30 A4.02 Wall Sections
31 A4.03 Wall Sections
32 A4.04 Wall Sections
33 A4.05 Wall Sections
34 A5.01 Section Details
35 A5.02 Section Details
36 A5.03 Section Details
37 A5.04 Plan Details
38 A5.05 Plan Details
39 A5.06 Plan Details
40 A5.07 Plan Details
41 A5.08 Plan Details and Wall Types
42 A6.01 Door Schedules
43 A6.02 Aluminum Storefront Elevations
44 A6.03 Finish Schedule
45 S1.0 General Notes Sections and Details
46 SA2.01 Foundation Plan Bldg A
47 SA2.02 Foundation Plan Bldg A
48 SA2.11 Roof Framing Plan Bldg A
49 SA2.21 Roof Framing Plan Bldg A

50 SB2.0 Foundation Plan Bldg B
51 SB2.1 Roof Framing Plan Bldg B
52 SC2.0 Foundation Plan Bldg C
53 SC2.1 Roof Framing Plan Bldg C
54 SD2.01 Foundation Plan Bldg D
55 SD2.02 Foundation Plan Bldg D
56 SD2.11 Roof Framing Plan Bldg D
57 SD2.12 Roof Framing Plan Bldg D
58 SE2.0 Foundation Plan Bldg E
59 SE2.1 Roof Framing Plan Bldg E
60 S3.0 Sections and Details
61 S4.0 Sections and Details
62 S4.1 Sections and Details
63 S5.0 Sections and Details
64 M0.00 Mechanical Site Plan
65 M1.00 Waste and Vent Bldg A
66 M1.01 Waste and Vent Bldg B and C
67 M1.02 Waste and Vent Bldg D
68 M1.03 Waste and Vent Bldg E
69 M2.00 Piping Plan Bldg A
70 M2.01 Piping Plan Bldg B and C
71 M2.02 Piping Plan Bldg D
72 M2.03 Piping Plan Bldg E
73 M3.00 Mechanical Plan Bldg A
74 M3.01 Mechanical Plan Bldg B and C
75 M3.02 Mechanical Plan Bldg D
76 M3.03 Mechanical Plan Bldg E
77 M4.00 Roof Plan Bldg A
78 M4.01 Roof Plan Bldg B and C
79 M4.02 Roof Plan Bldg D
80 M4.03 Roof Plan Bldg E
81 M5.00 Legend and Schedules
82 M5.01 Mechanical Details
83 E1.00 Electrical Site Plan
84 E1.01 Lighting Details
85 E2.A1 Electrical Plan Bldg A
86 E2.B1 Electrical Plan Bldg B
87 E2.C1 Electrical Plan Bldg C
88 E2.D1 Electrical Plan Bldg D
89 E2.E1 Electrical Plan Bldg E
90 E3.A1 Power Signal Plan Bldg A
91 E3.B1 Single Line and Details Bldg B
92 E3.B2 Panel Schedules Bldg B
93 E3.C1 Single Line and Details Bldg C
94 E3.C2 Panel Schedules Bldg C
95 E3.D1 Power Signal Plan Bldg D
96 E3.E1 Single Line and Details Bldg E
97 E3.E2 Panel Schedule Bldg E