It’s no secret the past 2 years in the construction industry have been the most challenging and difficult since the Great Depression. The housing market has tanked and while there are glimmers of hope, it’s a long way from being healthy. The commercial construction market isn’t fairing much better.

We’ve felt these effects at OHD. It’s been a very challenging time for us, too. As we’ve looked to the future we’ve decided upon some changes that will enable us to not only survive, but provide great architecture and design to our clients.

In the next couple of months, we will be moving from the fantastic Franklin Arts Center back to our original Sandhill Circle location. Additionally, Doug will be dividing his time between Brainerd and Denver developing restaurants with RMC, Inc. (parent company of the Tucanos Brazilian Grill) focusing on restaurant development.

We leave the Franklin Arts Center with sadness… ArtSpace Projects has been a great landlord and we’ll miss our friends and neighbors. The 1930’s portion of the school was a great muse for us.

We’re not out of business, just changed. Feel free to call, or stop by… our Sandhill Circle address is a great place, too!

Paul Hirst
Doug Oldham