We’ve always encouraged people to collect images of what they like in architecture. Most of the time, it’s been collecting magazines, books, etc. It’s a pain to sort them and a bigger pain to share them.

But, now there’s a new social media tool that makes it easy to collect your ideas, likes and dislikes. Pinterest. Check it out.  Let us know if you need an invite.

A few tips for maximizing its utility in architectural projects:

  • Make a board for things you like, things you dislike
  • Make specific comments about what you like and dislike (because you will forget)
  • Share with your spouse/significant other, if you like something they’ve pinned, “like” it, too.
  • Invite your architect to follow you.
  • Follow your architect
  • Ask your architect to create a board just for your project

Pinterest makes it easier, and more fun, to collect inspirational images for your next architecture project.

Happy pinning!